Welcome to Celegrande Consulting
The mission of Celegrande Consulting is to help organizations efficiently and effectively in meet their goals.

At Celegrande Consulting we pride ourselves in providing top quality service to for-profit as well as non-profit organizations throughout the United States. We focus on business coaching, conducting searches for funding opportunities, responding to requests for proposals (RFPs), and solidifying your business practices. We are Results Oriented. In every endeavor, we always begin with the end in mind…
Our Current Focus
Initially we responded to requests for proposals for non-profit organizations. Over time we realized that for profit organizations also responded to requests for proposals. And that the process was similar. While working with both types of organizations common threads emerged. Many clients needed help in the following areas:

• Narrowing their focus
• Developing a business plan
• Writing an annual budget or program budget
• Creating a program template
• Identifying evidenced-based programs
• Developing their board
• Registering with state and federal agencies
• Establishing policies and procedures manuals
• Maintaining better records
• Applying for 501 (c) (3) non-profit status
• Researching requests for proposals, grant applications, etc.
• Developing collaborative relationships
• Writing letters of intent
• Creating memoranda of understanding or agreement
• Training staff to research funding opportunities and write proposals

Working from the premise that if you teach a person to fish you feed them for a lifetime, the business coaching arm of Celegrande Consulting exists to empower others to develop critical skills so their organization flourishes.
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